Introducing MACROLEV, the towering and awe-inspiring DJ who has taken the global electric dance music scene by storm. Standing at an astonishing 6 feet 9 inches, he is perhaps the tallest DJ on earth, but it's his electrifying music that truly sets him apart.

MACROLEV's mesmerizing performances have graced some of London's most renowned venues, including the storied EGG London and the vibrant Shoreditch Platform. As the resident DJ at The Box Soho, the city's most upscale nightclub, he continues to captivate audiences with his high-energy sets that skillfully blend a diverse range of sounds.

Having conquered the London music scene, MACROLEV has garnered international acclaim, performing in countries like Croatia, Germany and Spain. His inventive and genre-defying sound has caught the attention of music tastemakers worldwide, thanks to a series of successful releases on esteemed labels such as Force Of Habit, Soave Dusk and Stashed Records.

Notably, MACROLEV's talent has reached even wider audiences, with his songs being played on Kiss FM UK, one of the nation's most prominent radio stations. In addition to his radio success, he curates his own weekly live show called MACROSOUNDS on YouTube, where he showcases freshest house music from around the world alongside his latest creations.

With his distinctive style, commanding presence, and exceptional musical ability, MACROLEV has solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic dance music and continues to leave an indelible mark on the global stage.